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The Ultimate Interior Design Wishlist

February 15, 2019 3 min read

Our homes are a very personal space, and often reflect our personality through our choices of decoration; whether it’s a family effort or something you’ve done individually. Each room of our homes should tell a story, whether that’s through photographs or other personal touches, giving away a little something about who we are.

Whether you like to redecorate often and breathe new life into your home, or you simply want to try a new look for something different, there are multiple interior design trends and themes to choose from. Each one has its own must-have pieces that will complete the look of a room. So, with that in mind, here’s just some of our ideas for your own interior design wishlist for 2019.

Mix-n-match textures

This has been a popular interior design style for some time, adding a little more interest to even the simplest of rooms. By using various textures in one space, it helps make it more exciting to look at. This particular look is often associated with the Scandi-trend of interior design, featuring neutral colour palettes but with textures like sheepskin, wool and wicker for a unique combination.

Creating a welcoming retreat, texture creates a cosy feel that you simply can’t beat in the comfort of your own home. To create this, your wishlist should include textured or patterned cushions for the sofa, a textured throw for the bed, and perhaps a wicker coffee table or light wood sideboard. Use these textures in furniture accents and accessories around the room to create a subtle but inviting feel to the space.

Retro fusion

Another popular look in recent interior design trends is a retro fusion of different eras gone by. A mixture of bright colour palettes from the 70s, art deco influence from the 20s and 50s-inspired furniture may sound like an incredibly eclectic combination; but that’s what makes it work!

Achieve this look as boldly or subtly as you wish. Look out for jewelled tones like emerald, royal blue and purple for armchairs, rugs or bedding to create a warm feel to the room, and accessorise with geometric prints for a contrasting visual appearance.

One of the best accessories for this interior design look is a neon sign for your home. Instantly adding a retro vibe to any room, you can create a custom neon sign that is perfect for you and your family.


There is a theory known as “biophilia”, which relates to the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek a connection with nature. This is somewhat confirmed by our love of bringing nature indoors, whether it’s through botanical colour palettes or plants themselves. It brings a fresh, airy feel to any room which is welcome no matter what the season is.

To create this look, start with a green colour palette and other complementary shades, and utilise natural wood to the best of your knowledge; coffee tables, dining tables, wooden blinds and so on. Consider a floral wallpaper; but perhaps only on one wall if you’re not feeling quite so brave!

The ultimate accessory for a nature décor wishlist has to be green plants; after all, how can you create a nature theme without any real nature?

Modern metallics

Interior design trends are no secret to metallics; copper had its time in the spotlight for some time over recent years. This year, the trend has been updated to more sophisticated metals; think pewter and brass, and even smoked glass features for a modern look.

Contrasted with marble and velvet textures, recreate this trend through using metallic accents with soft colours like dusky rose, blush or grey. Lamps, table legs, vases and such are all perfect things to add to your wishlist to create a metallic edge to a room. Experiment and mix with a couple of different metals for a unique look; just make sure they are muted and more on the matte side for a refined look.

Contact us to see how we can use a neon sign to brighten up your space.