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How Neon Can Be Used for Visual Merchandising

December 22, 2016 2 min read

As we’ve previously discussed, neon can be used for a number of different requirements; at Neon Creations’, we often get commissions for signs across a range of sectors, whether it’s for domestic use, in a bar or restaurant, and it can even be used within stores as part of visual merchandising.

Visual Merchandising With Neon

At one point, neon was associated with sex shops and red light districts in large cities. But in recent years it has enjoyed a resurgence, and we are seeing the use of it in more ways than ever before.

Here, we take a look at how our Neon Creations’ have been utilised to enhance visual merchandising instore across a number of brands. The retail space in any store offers an important aspect to advertise within to engage customers; light within visual merchandising can add value to any display to enhance the overall look and feel of the products, brand and store, and using neon adds another dimension to this, creating artwork and pieces that can be the focal point of the merchandising.


Creating something different for visual merchandising will really let your products stand out, and that’s exactly what happened with these unique neon boxes designed to make the jeans display in Selfridge’s department store make a pop.


Predominantly an online fashion brand, when Missguided started moving towards retail pop-ups within Selfridges they wanted to make sure their in-store presence reflected the brand image they had built up over the years.

Urban Outfitters

With high-street stores located up and down the country, Urban Outfitters offer everything from tech gifts, to homeware, clothes and more. They chose to have their shop front branding in neon, so their name could be put in lights on the high street! Read more about our neon shop signs.

Paul Smith

Three neon signs were commissioned in different colours for the Paul Smith logo to create a visual presence for their branding.


The Timberland logo is something that a lot of people recognise instantly, and putting this in lights for them to enhance their branding in store was an exciting project.

River Island

As a leading fashion retailer, River Island switch up their visual displays depending on the season and the trends that are in fashion. For summer, they went for a beach theme with neon ice creams, flamingos, cacti and more to bring the ideas they had to life.



For the launch of Blackberry Z30, we created a large visual for the window of their store, as seen below in the image.

Visual merchandising for retailers can be hard to get right; neon is one of the hottest trends at the moment – we are receiving more enquiries than ever before for brands looking for something a little different that can enhance the overall look and feel of their in store and window merchandising.

Neon lighting is a very visual product, and the ability to create art out of it is something we love to do! Contact us today if you have any enquiries regarding commissioning a Neon Creation for your brand.