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Maintaining your Neon Creation

December 20, 2017 2 min read

Neon signs are the perfect way to draw attention to your business when they are placed outside and they add a touch of personality to space when used as interior decor. Not only that, but they’re long-lasting, affordable and easy to maintain. If you have a neon sign, it’s important to know what type of maintenance they need. Take a look at some simple tips that will help you maintain your neon sign so it continues to shine bright!


Keeping your neon sign clean is a standard procedure. When they aren’t clean, they eventually begin to look to look uninviting and dingy, rather than bright and attractive. Grime and dust can really appear when they’re located on top of a brightly-lit tube. To ensure your neon sign is cleaned carefully, you need to unplug it. Next, to remove any dust, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, then wipe down the tubes with a soft cloth. If you need something to clean those hard-to-reach places, then try a paintbrush. The effort of cleaning and the regularity of cleaning depends on where you have your neon sign placed. For example, those that are located near a restaurant grill tend to become more greasy. Keep an eye on them regularly to ensure no dirt builds up. Read our blog on cleaning your neon creation.

Keep bugs away

If your neon sign is situated indoors, then you probably have less of a bug problem, but if it’s outdoors, then bugs can become a persistent issue. This is simply because bugs are attracted to lights and a bright coloured neon light is even more enticing.

More bugs mean more cleaning and if a large number of bugs are using your neon sign as a hangout spot, they can partially block it from view. Bugs aren’t a great look for business anyway, so it’s best to fix the situation by installing an electronic bug zapper to help reduce the bug population and ensure your neon sign looks great for longer!

Don’t unplug

It’s best to keep your neon sign plugged in unless it’s being repaired or being cleaned. This is because turning it off and on frequently can put more pressure on your neon sign transformer. When left alone, a neon light can last for a really long time. You may think that this would work out really expensive, but that is not the case. Neon is actually an efficient form of lighting, so it’s better than you think.

Follow these tips to ensure that your neon sign shines brightly for longer. If you’re interested in purchasing a neon sign for your business, check out our range today.