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Have a Happy Halloweeneon!

October 31, 2017 2 min read

Halloween: a 3,000-year-old tradition that started out all those years ago as a Celtic celebration of the beginning of the season of death and darkness. Nowadays, it has evolved into the perfect excuse to get dressed up, decorate the house and party with your best witches and warlocks. And let’s face it, if you’re throwing a Halloween party, you’ll want your decorations looking more glamorously ghoulish than downright ghastly.

A Halloween Revamp!

With each year that passes, the stakes (sorry!) are raised in terms of all things Halloween. Gone are the days when you hung up a rubbish looking paper skeleton from the pound shop and had your guests bobbing for apples. No, Halloween has had a revamp(ire) of late. Think old Hollywood glamour meets millennials and tequila shots, and you’ve pretty much captured the essence of what Halloween has come to be.


If you’re having guests round this Halloween, whether for a small séance or a lavish bash, you will want your house looking spookily on-trend, ultra-cool and with not a hint of decaying style in sight. So, to help, we’ve compiled three top tips for using some ridiculously gorgeous and modern neon signs and lights to make your Halloween party utterly bewitching…

Simple works a (trick or) treat


One word in the right stylish neon lighting, and letters with curves in all the right places, can have more impact than an entire sentence. Why not have a neon “boo!” greeting your guests as they arrive? Or how about “bite me,” to channel your inner sultry vampire? Get creative – it doesn’t take a lot to make a serious style statement.

Get gruesome with graphics


As with a single word, a single picture can have a major impact. How about a spooky skull on the wall or a bloody hand? A single, spine-chilling picture with a ghostly neon glow is all you need to transform your room into a supernatural (and super-stylish) haunt.

It doesn’t have to be scary!


Why not choose a generic sign that’s wearable on your home all year round? At Halloween, dim other light sources at your ghostly gathering and party in the light of your trendy neon signage. A simple neon arrow, word or picture will add instant glamour, and, in an otherwise darkened room, can be used to add an eerie ghoulish glow.

We hope you loved our “Happy Halloweeneon” tips (oh we’re good aren’t we?)!

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