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6 Unique Ways to Brighten Up Your Home Interior

October 18, 2017 2 min read

Home. It’s your sanctuary at the end of a long, stressful day. It’s the place you spend time with the people you love most dearly in all the world and the place where you celebrate, relax, retreat, unwind, laugh and love. It should be bright and lovely to reflect the treasure trove of memories made within its walls – and since it has given you so much happiness, why not show your home interior some love back?

It takes some very simple changes to transform your home from lacklustre to bright and beautiful. We’ve compiled our top six unique ways of brightening up your home interior:

Make a bold statement

Paint a feature wall or piece of furniture in a bright, bold colour. A daring feat of colour will add a unique style to the most neutral of rooms and provide a built-in talking point, but if this isn’t your thing, then you could also go for a statement wallpaper with a bold pattern or design for a touch of sophistication.


There is no colour scheme that is not helped by a gorgeous bunch of flowers in a vase on a sideboard or mantelpiece. Adding light and airy feel to any room of the home, a bouquet of flowers will not only complement the interior of your home interior, but it will also help to purify the air and look beautiful too! The only tricky aspect is deciding on which bouquet you would like and where you would like to place them for the best look.

Dare to accessorise

The easiest way to brighten your home interior with very little expenditure and effort is to accessorise! Grab some inexpensive and colourful accessories and add them to instantly update your abodes, such as comfy cushions with colourful pom poms, vivid vases or mosaic photo frames…the possibilities are literally endless!

Get ‘scentsible’

For a brighter, fresher home interior, don’t forget to consider the scent (or lack of scent) you have going on. A trendy fragranced candle or diffuser is the perfect way to add a divine scent, while still adding to the interior style, so you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression to all of your visitors – no matter how long they stay for!

Clean up your act

Nothing brightens a home like a good spring clean, so why not get to work and tackle that decluttering you’ve been putting off since 2013. Getting organised and seeing everything clean and tidy will be a breath of fresh air through your home interior, but this will also be the perfect starting point to make it easier to maintain.

Your name in lights

Invest in a super-trendy neon sign. The possibilities are endless with neon signage and your wildest dreams can now be lit up and put on your wall. From a quote that holds special meaning to you and a partner to a simple ‘Boo!’ sign for Halloween, neon lighting is massively on-trend right now and will instantly update any decor.

Take a look at our website for more inspirational ideas or contact us today to order your custom neon sign now.