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Find the Best Neon for Your Bar or Restaurant

August 10, 2018 3 min read

Neon signs have become a popular interior design feature that is completely on trend right now; in fact, it’s been somewhat of a trend for the last couple of years, and doesn’t look to be going anywhere. With so many different designs and the ability to have your own custom neon sign, you’re not merely jumping on the bandwagon; you’re leaving your own mark on the neon sign industry.

There are many occasions when a neon sign works perfectly; from your home to a retail store. However, there is one particular industry where your neon sign could really come to life; introducing neon bar signs. Adding a neon sign in your bar or restaurant can really create a statement piece of art, making the design of your establishment even more exciting for diners and drinkers.

So, what makes great neon bar signs? Here we take a look at the factors to consider when looking for a neon sign to place in your bar or restaurant.

Choose your theme

The theme of neon signs for bars & restaurants may seem obvious, but with so much creative scope to do what you like, you can go as wild or as conservative as you wish.

You could stick to the popular motif of food or drink by choosing your signature dish or cocktail to turn into a bright neon picture, or do something a little different depending on your preference. It has become a popular trend to create a quote, or use song lyrics, that are relevant to your branding. You can even use your restaurant or bar’s slogan, if you have one.

Other great ideas for neon wall art for restaurants include creating signage for the bar area, WCs, or to display happy hours or other permanent deals in a unique, eye-catching way. This creates a very visual space for your customers, making even the simplest of signs more exciting to look at.

Choose your colour

A lot can be said for the psychology behind colour, and it’s important that you choose stimulating, energising colours for a neon sign in your bar or restaurant. Some say colour can have an effect on appetite too, so be wary of this when choosing colours for your new neon sign.

Of course, many will opt for a neon sign that complements the existing décor, or even contrast against it for a fascinating look. In other words, take some time to really think about what colour your sign would look best in.

Stimulating colours include many familiar shades like red, orange, yellow, green and blue. However, other colours can sometimes be referred to as suppressive shades, so do your research and ensure you avoid them when it comes to your neon sign. After all, you want your new sign to be vibrant and eye-catching!

Choose where you’ll put it

The positioning of neon signs for restaurants can sometimes have an impact on what design you choose. Would you prefer to put it somewhere inside your establishment, or display it in the window for passers-by to notice?

Choose where your neon sign will have the biggest impact. Do you want to display it proudly above the bar where it can be seen by everyone? Do you have an empty wall that you’re not sure what to do with? Put some consideration into where you’ll hang your new sign, as it may become the perfect focal point you’ve been looking for. Read our tips for placing your neon sign.

Whatever neon sign you choose for your bar or restaurant, make sure it’s the perfect match! Get in touch with us today.