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Choosing Neon for Christmas

October 29, 2018 3 min read

It might feel a little premature to talk about Christmas, but the festive period will be here before we know it and it pays well to be organised in the run-up! Whether it’s Christmas shopping or decorating the tree, it’s a busy time for socialising and celebrating. So, how can you brighten up your Christmas even more? At Neon Creations, we believe that neon for Christmas can go a long way, in more ways than one.

Decorate your home with a neon sign

At Christmas, we often go all out decorating our homes with wreaths, a tree, cards and festive garlands. Turning your living room into a wonderland, it’s a time of year when you can get creative. A neon sign can be a welcome addition to your sparkling decorations; whether you hire one for a special Christmas, or have your own sign created to keep all year round.

Hiring a neon sign for Christmas can give you the impact you need, without going over your Christmas budget! Providing a great themed sign for you to use, upgrade your decorations with the illumination of festive neon for Christmas.

On the other hand, buying your own neon sign allows you customise it in so many different ways. The bright colours and creative messages or symbols can add something extra to your home at Christmas, whether it’s just for you and your family or to impress a whole host of guests.

Festive-inspired designs can be hung in your hallway to welcome your friends, or displayed in your living room or kitchen to create a great visual impact. Putting everyone in the festive mood, they are a unique feature for any home. Choose from neon on print, neon infinity boxes, or neon on wooden panels to create your desired effect. Whether it’s a quirky in-joke with the family, or a festive message, share it through the art of neon for Christmas. Here's some neon inspiration for your home.

Give neon for Christmas

In a world where it seems like everyone already has everything, we’re constantly on the lookout for unique gifts to give to our partners, children and friends. While a neon sign might look great in your own home, the look on the recipient’s face when they open their own as a gift might be better!

Neon signs are the perfect way to show you’ve thought outside the box; whether you give a Christmas-themed sign or something personal to them. Check out these neon Christmas gifts.

If you’re struggling for ideas for a tricky friend, or perhaps you have a family member who’s looking for the perfect finishing touch to their home, a neon sign is the perfect solution. The bright lights, attractive designs and array of colours can be chosen to suit the recipient perfectly; making sure it’s something they will cherish for years to come.

The beauty of giving a neon sign for Christmas is that it doesn’t have to be Christmas-themed if you don’t want; you can choose whatever you want (within reason!). Here are some of the best neon signs for Christmas.

Simply browse through our gallery to find some inspiration, whether it’s for yourself or for someone special. If you have any questions about creating a neon sign for Christmas, get in touch with us today!