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3 Reasons Your Gym Needs a Neon Sign

March 30, 2021 2 min read

Gyms and other similar facilities will hopefully be able to open on April 12th, which is an incredibly exciting update for the fitness industry. Since being forced to shut in recent months, gyms have tried to keep the public motivated through online classes and social media posts offering top tips for keeping in good shape. However, nothing compares to the real thing!

With the news that gyms will soon be reopening, have you thought about how you could spruce up your studio’s interior? No matter the size of your gym or fitness centre, the space could benefit from having a neon sign installed. Here are just 3 reasons why!

Create a fun environment 

Having a neon sign in a gym can help to create a fun and welcoming environment for both staff and visitors alike. The colourful glow of a neon sign can really help to make the gym an exciting place to be, with the lively and vivid appearance that comes naturally with hanging a neon sign.

Adding some essential decoration to the space, a neon sign for a gym can really light up the place even more, with creative designs and fun slogans.

Motivate your visitors 

The gym can be hard work and not everyone enjoys it, but it’s always worth it. Neon signs can be a great way to motivate your visitors and keep them going, even when they feel like dropping the weights or slowing down the treadmill. The right neon sign can boost your mood, help you to create that extra effort or even help visitors navigate around the gym.

Use a neon sign to send a positive message in your gym, whether it’s highlighting where the spin bikes are kept or urging people to move that little bit quicker! Read our blog on boosting motivation at your gym with neon lights

Stand out amongst the crowd 

Neon signs can also help your gym to stand out, whether you’re situated on a retail park, high street or in a small village. Make sure people know who you are and where you are with a neon sign cleverly placed in the window or doorway of your gym.

Use neon to advertise your business and put your logo or gym name in lights, drawing the right attention from passers-by.


If you’re ready to add something unique to your gym, why not create your own neon sign with our online builder? Alternatively, if you’ve got a great idea and would like our help in making it a reality, get in touch today.