Lucy Spraggan – Musician

To recreate Lucy’s logo and make into a neon sign for part of the on tour stage set, and also create a neon light for use within a domestic setting.

Lucy Spraggan logo

“I went to visit the lovely lot up at Neon Creations after buying a neon sign on ebay. I didn’t have a clue how fragile neon is (or how to handle it!) and managed to break part of the light within minutes of unwrapping the box it came in. I travelled up to Bolton after finding Neon Creations online and when I arrived I was welcomed into the basement of an amazing old mill which was lit up with some of the most wild and creative neon art I’d ever seen. To add to the buzz of the room Tony and Catherine were so accommodating, straight away Tony told me he could have the sign fixed in no time!

While I was there Tony explained the history of how he got involved in the neon business and I could tell that it was something he’s truly passionate about; he even let me have a go at it… It’s quite a bit more difficult than he makes it look! He told me about looking after signs properly.

After visiting Neon Creations I started noticing more and more neon everywhere, I noticed neon signs beginning to appear on stage too.

I decided I wanted to get a bespoke neon logo created by Tony to take on the road, so I shot over an email and he got started.

Tony and Catherine made the planning very easy from start to finish, with detailed diagrams and optional colours for the final piece.

From the very first night of the tour everyone was talking about the neon, everyone loved it, and it added a real vibe to the stage. I take it on almost every tour now! A year or so ago it got damaged in cargo; we contacted Tony to see if he could help and straight away he came down to where we were and got it back to looking brand new in no time.

After finishing the tour I decided to get another neon (I think it’s a little addictive!) and again, Neon Creations were amazing. I’d seen a design I liked online and sent over the picture. As before, the communication was great and before I knew it I had an awesome new neon for my office.

I intend to add to the collection over my lifetime and wouldn’t ever shop anywhere else for neons – the personal service and the family run way this shop works truly makes it stand out from the rest and shine that little bit brighter.”

– Lucy Spraggan – Muscian