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UV Neon

Our Ultra-Violet neon lights are a completely unrivalled product within the neon signage industry and we have been experimenting with this unique combination for some time now. With standard UV lamps available in mostly straight tubes, our UV neon tubing can be manipulated into a wealth of shapes or words, similarly to our traditional neon tubing.

Although UV neon light doesn’t produce as bright a light source than what you would naturally expect with traditional neon colours, the light emitted will make anything white fluoresce with an immersive glow when used in the dark. When further combined with fluorescent paints, vinyls or other materials, the diverse mix of colour really makes the signs stand out in a room and are an ideal fixture in night clubs, bars and restaurants.

If you have any of your own ideas for a UV neon light or if you’d like us to design something for you, please contact us or view our neon gallery for examples of our previous work.