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4 of the World’s Largest Neon Signs

April 13, 2015 3 min read

Here at Neon Creations, we love all things neon and we feel that very few lighting solutions are able to brighten a city street quite like the colourful illumination of a dazzling neon sign. They are not only pleasing to the eye but have the ability to draw attention in even the most distracting of areas. So here, we highlight just 4 of the world’s most spectacular and largest neon signs;

The Palace Station Hotel and Casino

Located on the famous neon littered Vegas strip in the stunning Las Vegas Nevada is the exuberant Palace Station neon logo. This mammoth neon sign, sitting atop the 21-storey hotel, has over four miles of multi-coloured neon lighting (along with 12,000 individual light bulbs), which makes it no surprise that this neon spectacle can be seen from virtually any direction for literally miles.

To accompany the larger signs on the roof of the hotel, The Palace Station Hotel and Casino have a complementary neon sign to entice and welcome visitors as they enter the premises.


Canon Inc.

Designed by POAD, (neon industry leaders of the Far East who are responsible for the creation of much of Hong Kong’s most celebrated neon signs on the Tsim Sha Tsui coast) this Canon revolving neon sign located in Hong Kong is an innovative dual-faced neon sign that is an astonishing 29m in length and 7m in height. This sign weighs over 75 tonnes in its entirety and uses 3200 neon tubes, which spans an incredibly long length of over 6 km.

Sichuan Jiannanchun Group Co. Ltd.

Of course, Hong Kong is home to many large neon signs, but one to merit a mention here has to be POAD’s stunning neon display for liquor company, Sichuan Jiannanchun Group Co. Ltd., on the side of Rumsey Street Car Park, Sheung Wan. This beautiful pictorial display shows how neon can be used to create not only an eye-catching sign, but something that fits in perfectly with the surrounding area. Created in 2012, it is said to be the largest neon display in Hong Kong.

‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ and ‘Vegas Vic’

Generally, one of the first cities that come to mind when thinking about neon signs is fabulous Las Vegas, and it’d be a struggle to write a blog about neon without at least some reference to the notorious Sin City. After all, even their welcome sign is illuminated with neon! Although the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign is not necessarily one of the largest neon signs in the world, it is certainly one of the most notable.

The sign was erected by Western Neon in 1959 and designed by Betty Willis at the request of local Vegas salesman Ted Rogich. This world famous sign is located in the meridian at 1500 Las Vegas Boulevard South. Standing at just over 7m in height, the border is lit up by incandescent lighting with neon used within the ‘Welcome’ and in the star above.

‘Vegas Vic’ is the unofficial name given to the large mechanical cowboy that has been situated on the exterior of the Pioneer Club (under the Fremont Street Experience) since 1951, after the owners commissioned Young Electric Sign Company to create the neon wonder. When Vic first became an addition to the Las Vegas strip, he was equipped with a waving arm, a moving cigarette, and a recording of “Howdy Podner!” which played every 15 minutes. However, due to noise complaints and restoration issues, unfortunately, Vic is now just a standing attraction with no moving parts.

So, there you have it, 4 of the world’s largest neon signs. Of course, there are many more neon signs and attractions in existence that could feature on this list if these choices were strictly organised by size. However, a vast number of these are likely to be located in either Las Vegas or Hong Kong, as businesses operating in these busy and enchanting districts often compete with each other for the largest neon sign as the boundaries of outdoor advertising continue to be stretched.