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Why Neon Artwork is Rising in Popularity 

May 16, 2022 2 min read

The definition of art is all about the expression of human imagination and creativity. Neon lights have been and continue to be used as a stunning visual element in art pieces. Neon artwork uses neon light to create visually stimulating artwork through bright colours, intricate shapes, and impressive design. 

At Neon Creations, we’ve been working with artists for years to bring their ideas and vision to life. We listen to their ideas and offer the best solutions for their neon artwork projects. In recent years, neon art is resurfacing and more artists are turning to the soft glow that neon offers! Read about the history of neon.

The History of Neon Artwork as Advertisement

When you think of a neon sign, the words “open”, “kebab”, and “burgers” may spring to mind. This is because for decades, neon has been traditionally associated with advertising bars, restaurants, and diners. Many food and beverage businesses choose to advertise their establishment this way as it attracts customers in. After all, a glowing ‘open’ sign during the night is hard to miss! Looking for neon bar signs?

Here’s a brief history about the commercialisation of neon signs, just before they were used as an artform. 

Neon signs were first used for advertising in 1923. A hairdressing business in Paris is said to be the first business to have utilised a neon sign for the purpose of advertising. An American company saw this and imported two neon signs to the USA; starting the iconic neon era in America. Read more about the history of using neon in art.

Nowadays, many companies are turning to LED lights as their form of advertising. This is because they’re a cheaper alternative to neon, however they’re worse for the environment, and in our experience; fade over time. Here are the differences between LED and neon.

The Neon Artwork Made Today

Recently, real neon is making a comeback as many artists are using it for their art pieces and projects. Many influential artists such as Dan Flavin and Tracey Emin paved the way for new artists as they’re known for their stunning artwork that utilised neon lights. 

So what is it about neon that is so popular? Neon has many qualities that can’t be replicated. Here are the reasons why artists have been choosing to use neon in their work:

  • Neon lights have a 360 degree light source, meaning the whole design is illuminated from all angles. The slim tubes used for creating neon signs are dainty and elegant, giving an artistic quality that can’t be achieved with neon alternatives. 
  • Neon signs are carefully crafted by hand, this makes no two pieces the same, even if they follow the same design. All artists want to be original, and neon may help them achieve this. Find out more about our custom-made neon signs.

If you’d like more information about creating a neon signdon't hesitate to get in contact with us as we’d be happy to help.