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What Are Neon Infinity Boxes?

August 26, 2022 2 min read

Neon signs are known for grabbing attention, drawing in people, and giving your space the ultimate wow-factor. But did you know that here at Neon Creations, we offer something a little outside of the box? (See what we did there!) Our neon infinity boxes may be the missing piece to your establishment, bedroom, or office. 

What is a neon infinity box? 

A neon infinity box is a neon sign that creates the illusion of the design being infinite! What this means is that the neon design looks like it’s continuing on and on, giving it a unique and stunning look. These boxes offer something slightly different to usual neon signs as they stand out more due to the unique and high visual impact of them. 

What can I do with a neon infinity box? 

There are many different ways to use a neon infinity box. Like our usual stunning neon signs, neon infinity boxes can be used to advertise, brighten up an area, and as a decorative focal point. Below we go into these uses in more detail so you can see the potential that neon infinity boxes hold.  


The most iconic and original use for neon signs is advertising. You can use a neon infinity box for advertising just as you would for a usual neon sign. Neon infinity boxes provide a more unique and visual impact than other forms of advertising. If you have a bar or restaurant, an infinity sign can be a great option for advertising as they’re sure to attract customers and passersby. 

Decorative art

Neon infinity boxes make incredible neon art. If you’re looking for a unique, bespoke piece of art to hang on your wall at home then look no further than an infinity neon sign! Our infinity neon boxes make a stunning focal point to any room. With over 40 shades of colours to pick from you’ll be able to match the design of your room perfectly. 

Gift idea 

Another thing neon infinity signs are great for are gifts for your loved ones. One of the most unique gifts you could give to a neon lover is a neon infinity box. These decorative neon creations are sure to be the most original piece of decor in any home! If you’ve been struggling to find a gorgeous piece of art for your family and friends then look no further than one of our infinity signs. Read more about the gift of neon.

If you’re interested in our neon infinity signs and how they work then get in touch with us today.