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Top 5 Ways to Use Neon in the Home

February 23, 2021 3 min read

Neon signs have a place in almost any setting, with their eye-catching glow and unique designs. From your home to place of work, neon signs can light up a room like no other light source. With so many of us spending extended time at home in recent months, why not choose one of your rooms and upgrade its décor? 

Neon is a beautiful way to decorate your home, whether it’s a small accessory or the focal point of a room. They can add a personal feel to your home and become a statement for both friends and family to enjoy. Find out more about our neon signs for home. Here are just 5 rooms that would benefit from a pop of neon light. 

Children’s bedroom

From young children to teenagers, they will love the effect of a neon sign hung on their bedroom wall. Turning their room into a fun and personal space, there are a whole range of ideas for a children’s neon sign. Whether it’s their name lit up on the wall above their bed, or a custom image from their favourite video game, a neon sign in your children’s bedroom can help them enjoy their own space that little bit more.

If you’re thinking of getting your child a neon sign as a gift, why not let them design their own? Check out our custom-made neon signs.

Open kitchen diner

An open kitchen diner layout is often a sociable space, used for family dinners and get-togethers with friends. If your home is open plan like this, why not use neon to create some eye-catching décor that will quickly become a talking point amongst your guests?

Your neon sign could help to highlight a particular area of your kitchen diner, such as a bar area for entertaining friends and relaxing after a day’s work. Create a fun atmosphere with the glow of a neon sign combined with a quirky design, and watch the space transform into something a little more special.


If you have a playroom for your kids, make it a vibrant and fun place for your children to spend their time with a bright neon sign. Not only could the sign act as a source of light for the room, but the colours and shapes can create the perfect finishing touch to the room.

Alternatively, if it’s a games room for the adults, you can create the right atmosphere through a cleverly designed neon sign, like our sambuca sign below!



If you’re lucky enough to have a gym in your home, keep yourself motivated with a neon sign on the wall as you lift weights or cycle your heart out. Neon signs can provide just the inspiration you need to get through a workout, with a quote or symbol that helps you push through those last few minutes of hard work.

A positive and motivational neon sign can have many uses, but you certainly can’t beat having it in your home gym to give you an extra boost.

Home office

In recent months we’ve all had to make adjustments to create some sort of home office. If you’ve found a permanent spot to work productively at home, complete your home office décor with a neon sign to keep you focused. It’s important that home working spaces are stimulating and visual to keep our attention and boost morale.

Whether it’s your company’s branding on the wall or something a little more personal to keep you going through the working week, an office neon sign is a must-have addition. Contact us for all neon lighting.