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Tony’s Top 10 Neon Creations

October 24, 2014 6 min read

Here at Neon Creations, the source of our inspiration behind many of our products is derived from a combination of our customer’s ideas and the distinctive creativity of our vastly experienced ‘Neon Creator’, Tony. So today, we thought that it would be fun to pay tribute to all of his hard work over the years and request him to collate a list of his favourite Top 10. If that’s not challenging enough (considering that we have created hundreds of neon signs, lights and modern artwork), we’ve also asked him to justify his selection, thus inadvertently taking him for a trip down memory lane…

10. The Infinity Table

In at number 10, is the Infinity Table…

Tony – “The idea behind this came from the infinity boxes; this is an acrylic table containing neon tubes that assembled in a distinctive way to provide the illusion that the neon glow goes on forever. There’s nothing out there like them and, although they could take a good few hours planning, they are well worth the time invested. We have one at our house and when you put a glass of wine on it, it looks like the glass is going to fall through the table. It’s unbelievable.”


9. Custom Designs

With over 25 years’ experience creating neon signs, one would have to expect that many of Tony’s custom designs would be contenders for this list, so we’ve singled it down into just one choice!

Tony – “We create hire signs and neon on print, these are all my own designs from scratch and are all very popular. They’re usually just my ideas but we’ve had many of our customers that hire a sign, eventually buy it, so it’s a really nice feeling knowing that they’d like to buy my own custom design.”


8. The Simpsons

Derived from critically acclaimed TV cartoon, The Simpsons, this Neon Creation of Homer and Bart land in at number 8.

Tony – “Now, although this isn’t a sign that we would sell, because of copyright laws, I made this just to show what can be done with neon rather than just the usual ‘Open’ signs. Something a bit artier, if you like. I got a picture and made the design to work onto neon, it was one of the first things that I made at Neon Creations. Now it’s still hanging up on the wall just as fine and just as good.”

Would you say that there is a sense of nostalgia attached to this sign, then?

Well, not so much, it’s just that it’s much they’re such recognisable characters. When people come into the shop they notice it and say, ‘oh, I didn’t know you could do that with a neon’, and this is exactly the sort of reaction that I was looking for when I made it.”


7. Lucy Spraggan

Lucy brought a broken neon sign with her when she came to Neon Creations, so we gave it a new lease of life.


Tony – “Lucy Spraggan came into see us with a sign that she’d bought, but it was broken and it wasn’t one of ours. Lucy had a quick go at glass bending, then we had a good chat with her before creating a new sign for her home, in addition to a logo that she took on tour with her. Now, making a logo is difficult since you have to make sure that it represents what it’s supposed to, but also be able to operate as a neon sign. Everyone wants to see their name in lights, fortunately, we were the ones that were able to do that for Lucy.”


6. Sunday Brunch

Witnessed by thousands of people each week, this Neon Creation could be one man’s worry…

Tony – “We were given a sketch of what Sunday Brunch wanted and we turned it into a neon sign. The reason why I picked this is that I see it on the TV every week and it’s nice to know that I’ve made it. It looks really cool, although I do worry sometimes that it’s going to flicker and turn off live on air. It’s highly unlikely to happen, but it’s always a worry in the back of my head.”


5. The Shark

Looking to the future of the business, our focus is on youth development.

Tony – “I’m not sure if you’ve seen on our Facebook page but Sam, our apprentice, made a shark. Although it’s not one of my own creations, Sam made and designed this all by herself. She’s had no help from anyone else and she’s created something that’s personal but looks absolutely amazing. It was a proud moment for both myself and Sam, as well as for the future of Neon Creations.”


4. Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique’s bespoke Neon Creations


 Tony – “The first time we made a Neon Creation for Paul Slade was based on his own handwriting, which we worked very closely with Paul to get the design right so that it could be made into Neon. He was really happy with this and, on the back of that, we’ve made several Paul’s Boutique logos and ‘I PB’ logos for numerous stores all around the UK. It was a nice feeling to see him get so excited about his handwriting and bring more ideas forward. Knowing that he trusts our work enough to return is something that I appreciate a lot.”

Surely that’s what the job’s all about; creating something that’s entirely personal and unique to the customer?

“Yeah, we like to work closely with our clients to bring their idea to life and involve them in the design if preferred. By turning their idea into a neon sign, you’re taking something that’s inside their head and creating a physical object, so it’s more much more personal to them. It makes them think, ‘Wow. That’s my neon sign’.” 


3. Almost Famous

With the bronze medal, we have a sign that’s Almost Famous.


Tony – “This was definitely one of the most challenging that I’ve had to make. We were given an outline drawing of the logo that they wanted to make into a neon sign, then had to figure out how this would be possible. It was testing to work out how we could get the shape and the flow right to resemble the logo that they had given to us, but in the end, we found a way and we’ve made more signs for them.

“It’s always nice to see the logo when I’m out and about in Manchester, I always go and look at it. I can’t help myself.” 


2. UV Smiling Face

Don’t worry, be happy.

Tony – “This is something that I made myself, again, not something that I intend to sell. It’s just a sign that I created to show the effect of using UV/blacklight glass bent into shapes as opposed to being straight. It looks absolutely amazing, especially when used with fluorescent vinyl and paints, and we think that we’re the only company that’s using this mixture in the UK.” 


1.    Paul Smith Monkey

And, here we have…*actual drumroll*…Tony’s favourite Neon Creation!


Tony – “The fact that this design is going onto a t-shirt next year is incredible. Again, we were just given a picture of the logo and asked to make it into a neon sign, so this was a tough one as well. Before it was passed to us, the client had tried to Photoshop the logo and turn it into a neon sign but, when we created one for them, it turned out better than expected. So, they were really happy about that.

“On the back of that, we’ve made numerous signs for Paul Smith shops including; 4 neons of Paul Smith’s signature for the Mayfair shop. These were required to ensure the store was still visible when scaffolding was put up on the outside of the shop – a great example that neon works.”  Find out more about our neon shop signs.

Well, that concludes our list of top 10 favourite Neon Creations, but it’s been a worthwhile journey revisiting all of the products that we have made for our long list of happy customers. We’re always looking on to the future of the business and how we can continue to grow, so it would be expected that we may have an entirely new list of favourites in 3 months’ time, just as we did 3 months ago! This is the beauty of what we do, it keeps on changing! 

Our gallery proudly shows the different designs we have created through the years. Contact us for more information.