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The Perfect Neon Signs to Welcome Back Customers Indoors

May 17, 2021 2 min read

As restrictions continue to gradually lift across the UK, it’s time to for indoor hospitality to make its long-awaited return. With many of the UK braving questionable weather conditions to sit outside and enjoy a drink or dinner, the inside of a bar, café and restaurant will no doubt be a welcome sight. For the staff and business owners of high street restaurants or local bars, it’s certainly going to be a relief to get back to some sort of normality and allow customers through your door.

Here at Neon Creations we have been helping businesses create a welcoming environment for years. Whether your establishment is quirky, traditional or retro, there’s the perfect neon sign that’s just waiting to fill the blank space on your wall. With the return of indoor hospitality fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to look at how you can spruce up the interior of your bar or restaurant.

With that in mind, here is some inspiration to get you started! 

Grab people’s attention and increase footfall

The most important thing to remember for any bar and restaurant is getting people’s attention and encouraging them to come through your door. Why should a customer come into your bar, instead of the one down the road? What makes you stand out?

A neon sign in your window could not only let people know you’re open and ready for business again, but can create an eye-catching display that might just help people choose your restaurant or café over another. With a unique design and a bright glow, you could display your establishment’s name in the window or a fun message.

Offering a warm welcome 

Opening up your doors to people again might feel a little daunting or overwhelming, but it will no doubt feel the same to the customers who are getting used to a bit of normality again. Think about how you could offer a warm welcome to those who have chosen to visit you, and how you can make them feel comfortable.

A warm message on the wall could show your gratitude while uplifting your décor, which you can achieve through a new neon sign to fill any blank space you have on a wall.

Advertise your menu 

You can also welcome your customers back by advertising what you do and what you’re about. Make it obvious to people what you’re serving and the vibe you’re trying to achieve. If your restaurant is a rooftop space or housed in a funky basement, there’s a neon sign to help you set the mood and let your customers know the type of place you are. 

Whether you’re hoping to advertise your menu or even happy hour, or if you’d like to include some fun signs to help people navigate round the restaurant, a neon sign is the way to go.


Use our neon sign designer to create a unique piece for your restaurant, or get in touch to find out more about the different signs we can offer.