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Neon Safety: How Safe is Neon?

November 28, 2017 2 min read

There are often concerns over the safety of neon, with some companies actually using this to their advantage by selling alternative products to neon – playing on these fears and ‘dangers’ of neon by scaring people away from using the real thing. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to stray away from real neon. If neon signs are made and installed correctly, and purchased from a reputable company then the health and safety risks are extremely minimal. Below we’ve put together some things to be aware of when purchasing neon…

1. Always buy from a reputable company

Dodgy companies usually mean dodgy products. If you want to ensure you purchase safe, quality neon, then buy from a company that has experience, high standards and a great reputation. Look to shop for reliability and credibility rather than the “cheapest price”. Here at Neon Creations, we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and products and ensure that we adhere to the relevant European and British standards.

2. During pick-up

There are some requirements you need to consider to ensure your neon is safe. These include asking for suitably protective packaging from the manufacturer or merchant, to ensure your neon signs are safe within your vehicle to avoid any damage. Check that all the necessary UK and EU electrical safety regulations have been complied with and that there are no signs of damage to the glass tubes or wiring. You should also test the product beforehand to ensure it works and ask for a receipt before you leave with the product.

3. During delivery

If your neon sign is being delivered to you, make sure you check that the package has not been previously opened or damaged. Again, as before, ensure the item complies with the electrical safety regulations and ensure it works.

4. Do not….

  • Cover the neon sign
  • Place where it may be knocked over
  • Modify your neon sign in any way (change the tubes etc.)
  • Overload plug sockets
  • Ensure all cables are concealed, with none exposed or trailing that could cause injury
  • Ensure you switch of the electrical equipment before cleaning, adjusting or any general handling of them
  • Ensure minor repairs are completed by only those who have the sufficient skills and are qualified

If you follow these tips and ensure your neon sign is of high quality from a reputable manufacturer then there is no reason it won’t be safe.

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