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Neon Music – Even artists want to see their name in lights…

December 12, 2014 4 min read

As our audience, we feel that perhaps you may not be aware of the many neon music signs that have been commissioned to us from music artists that have subsequently been incorporated into their album artworks, music videos and live shows.

So, in this post, we reveal some of the more popular artists that we have worked with to date, detailing how our Neon Creations have helped to captivate the attentions of music lovers with more than just sound. As we always tell you, “Everyone wants to see their name up in lights”, and that’s certainly not an exception for the musically talented.

Lucy Spraggan

This large logo of Lucy’s initials was used for her UK tour in 2013 and featured behind her as she performed on stage. The contrasting colours of white and green create a shimmering glow that’s sure to have flooded the venue with a cool ambience.

Little Mix

As featured in the header image, this soft pink ‘lm’ bespoke neon light was created for the video of Little Mix’s UK number 1 hit, “Wings”, and can be seen right at the very start of the video. Although the sign does not feature in the video for a great deal of time, we were extremely pleased at how the neon music sign was utilised.


This ‘Delta’-esque, white neon sign was created for Alt-J’s tour in 2012 and features in a number of online videos of the bands live performances. What most people don’t know is that, although this logo is used as the bands identity or alias, this symbol derives from pressing the ‘Alt’ and ‘J’ buttons at the same time on a Mac computer!

The Feeling

Originally created for the album artwork, this neon sign of ‘The Feeling’ was admired by Island Records so much, that they asked for another to be made for the reception area of their London headquarters.


Similar in design to the neon sign that was commissioned for Alt-J, this triangle representing the ‘A’ in the Bastille logo was used on one of their tours. We literally put the ‘A’ in Bastille!

Kate Nash

This hot pink custom neon sign of Kate Nash’s name was one that we designed and made exclusively for her UK tour, but has also featured on a number of TV shows with Kate as well.

The Kooks

This dazzling blue ‘KONK’ sign was used as a billboard advertisement for their second full length album and based on the neon artwork above The Kooks in the doorway of a gig venue.

Lightning Seeds

This red and blue custom-made neon light was created for alternative rock group, the Lightning Seeds, and used on one of their tours (we think!). Since they hail from Liverpool, could the colours of this sign reflect the colours of Everton FC and Liverpool FC and a sporting divide in the band, perhaps? I guess we’ll never know…

Nicole Sherzinger

This wonderful handwritten-style neon artwork of Nicole’s name was pleasing on the eye and oozed character. Although we’re not too sure what Nicole used this for, we’re certain that she’ll love it for many years to come.

Nerina Pallott

Similar to the handwritten nature of the neon sign produced for Nicole Sherzinger, this subtle pink neon sign nestling in the background helped to illuminate the stage during her set at The Scala in London in 2009.

David Bowie

‘David Bowie is Crossing the Border’ was commissioned by The Hub Ltd. for the ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition at The V & A museum in 2013, which was subsequently taken on a world tour and  shown in a number of different countries.

Chiddy Bang

This eye-catching neon sign of the Hip-Hop artist’s name was ever more alluring to his fans, when used on tour, owing to the mix of classic neon colours and cartoon-style explosion signs over each word.

Baxter Dury

Created for one of the Indie musicians’ tours, this beautifully crafted neon sign of Baxter Dury’s name in lights is sure to have floodlit the venues and attribute to a glowing overall performance.

Alan Pownall

This distinctive neon music sign, created in 2010, was based on the handwriting of solo artist, Alan Pownall. We think that the sign was utilised by Alan on one of his solo tours, prior to him becoming a member of electronic outfit, Pale, in 2012. However, he may have simply commissioned this to brighten up his home somewhat.

Jack Beats

We created this ‘heart-melting’ custom neon sign for the artwork of Jack Beats’ ‘Careless’ single, which demonstrates the glowing effect that neon has on dark backgrounds. The neon green colour is often associated with the artist and that has been made clear from the cover.

Bipolar Sunshine

This stunning yellow and white sign was commissioned by Manchester vocalist, Bipolar Sunshine, which was used as part of the stage set on one of his UK tours.

Alpha Beat

This large ‘Alpha Beat’ logo for the Danish pop band was commissioned to us, as they wanted to use the sign on one of their tours of the UK. We were pleased at the outcome of the sign, when considering the size, and we were happy to see that AlphaBeat used the sign to great effect.

The Wombats

The red sign that we created for The Wombats was of the album title, ‘My Circuitboard City’, and used to illuminate the words sitting atop an electronic circuitboard. This is another example which typifies the clever use of neon to grab the attentions of music lovers.


We created this shimmering white neon sign of Kele’s name in two rectangle boxes for one of his solo tours, after seeing much success as lead vocalist in UK indie rock band, Bloc Party.

We have enjoyed every minute of working with all of these clients and many more that are featured on our website, which can be seen on our client testimonials page. We hope that you have enjoyed this post and the Neon Creations that we have made for our clients, as we look towards a future of many more. Contact us for all neon lighting creations.