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Neon Food For Thought

December 14, 2015 2 min read

Here at Neon Creations, we often get asked to commission neon signs for bars and restaurants around the UK; but when you think of neon food, what comes to mind? For us, it’s mostly sweet treats or decorations on cakes, but if you’re struggling to think of an example, then how about these for some Neon food for thought?

It’s not just sweet treats that can get the neon treatment though; a mad scientist in Japan turned some Udon Noodles neon ready for the ‘Unbelievable Science Festival’ in Osaka earlier this year. Apparently they taste just like normal noodles, but we think we might just stick to normal ones.

Kurare Raku, the scientist and food writer behind these neon noodles, did not release how he created the neon noodles so unfortunately, we don’t know how to recreate them, although there are a few simpler ways to access neon food! 

A bar in Australia started serving glow in the dark neon ice cream earlier this year, called Neon Nitro Ice Cream it comes in three flavours.

The bar, 196 Below, in Australia used liquid nitrogen to create the ice cream. And it certainly looks far more appetising than the udon noodles, but you’ll have to get a flight over to Australia to try it.

It’s not just food that can be neon either, a bar in Manhattan New York has used a form of Japanese powdered tea to create a neon iced drink.

If neither of these takes your fancy, how about sticking to something a bit less technical; neon coloured sweet treats take us back to our childhood picking penny sweets up from the local newsagents.

Although after our previous post about neon bacteria, these jelly worms don’t look too appealing, but you can’t beat a sweet treat every now and then!