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Neon Fashion for the Summer Daze

January 08, 2016 2 min read

Thanks to Paris Fashion Week 2014, neons made their mark in the fashion world, and with designers like Oscar De La Renta bringing pieces to the catwalk recently, they are set to be big this summer too.

Neon Fashion

There are a variety of different neon fashions on the market that are sure to be popular in the summer months. Wide legged neon Palazzo pants will be teamed with white vests and complementing accessories, whilst gypsy skirts in all shades of neon will be available for that summer boho look with a twist. It’s not about being out to shock – this seasons fashions will see the popular peaches and blues being taken up a notch by adding neons in, but pairing them with colours that complement will ensure that the overall look is bright but classic.

The general rule I am sure we all live by of “black goes with everything” does not necessarily apply when it comes to neon this season. Pairing a hot pink blouse with black jeans is not a look for the catwalks, and fashion lovers will be encouraged to try and complement black with cooler colours. Small shocks of the less “in your face” neons like electric blue when wearing trusty black skinny jeans or a little black dress will be the order of the season.

If you are looking at the neon skinny jeans that are likely to be all over the high street this summer, then it’s important to get the look just right. Teaming them up with a neutral black or white top and black, white or nude shoes will be right on trend for the summer.

For those unsure about going all out on neon fashion products, there will be plenty of accessory options to bring a bit of neon into summer wardrobes. This can be as small as some luminous pink earrings or a vibrant blue bangle, or as bold as a chunky neon orange statement piece necklace with matching over-sized handbag. Across the body bags are great for keeping a look casual while the strap also brings the colour right across the body.

Neon makeup – Yes, really

When it comes to make up, neon can seem a bit over the top or scary, but a gentle dusting of a bright eye shadow or a sweeping of a hot pink lipstick can have an amazing impact against a bare faced look.

All in all, neon, as it makes its come back for the second year, has proven that it is not a one summer wonder and that it can stand the test of time. So while the high street offers plenty of choice in all things neon, if this trend is set to keep coming back year after year then it might be worth digging deep and investing in some key pieces that you can bring out year after year knowing they will still be in fashion and keep you looking hot for summer. Contact us for bespoke neon signs.