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Neon Creations Now on the Costa del Sol!

July 18, 2019 3 min read

Neon signs can be found all over the world; but there is only one Neon Creations. For years, we have operated across the UK creating beautiful signs for UK businesses, homes and events. However, it’s now time to branch out. The team at Neon Creations have spent a lot of time over on the Costa del Sol in Spain, both for work and leisure! This resulted in the exciting prospect of selling neon signs in Spain.

So, if you’ve always wanted a Neon Creation but you live or work in Costa del Sol, now is your chance!

Neon signs on the Costa del Sol

You can now have your very own neon sign in Costa del Sol! Our showroom is based in Puerto de la Duquesa, in the area of Manilva; only an hour’s drive from Malaga.

We can supply our neon signs in Spain to areas including Marbella, Puerto Banus, Malaga and even Gibraltar.

Domestic and business neon signs in Spain

We have already been hard at work making some great neon signs in Costa del Sol, for both business and domestic settings. Here is one we made for Kelly’s Bar, located in a beautiful square in Duquesa. Find out more about our neon bar signs.

The neon works wonders in the sunny weather, adding an even more vibrant look that looks beautiful with the blue skies and greenery of Spain. No matter what colour you go for, it has that inimitable and striking glow against the backdrop of the Spanish coastline.

Below is a beautiful domestic neon sign in Spain we created for an apartment, bringing the best parts of Spain into your living room! Brightening up the space, this neon sign couldn’t epitomise the Costa del Sol more, and the colours work wonderfully together in a simple line design. Find out more about neon signs for home.

Bright blue neon works a treat again in Costa del Sol; here is a themed neon sign we created for Katz Bar, also in Duquesa.

This is just the start of some amazing neon signs in Spain. We use the same UK team to create the neon signs for the Costa del Sol; look at our gallery to get a feel for some of the striking designs we’ve created over the years.

How do you get a neon sign in Spain?

If you’re interested in a neon sign for the Costa del Sol, simply get in touch with us via email or through our social channels. We can provide you with a quote for your desired neon sign.

If the project isn’t time-sensitive, we can even offer you a site visit or meeting in Costa del Sol when we are in the area, in order to provide extra advice and guidance on your neon sign.

Once you have decided on your final design, we will manufacture your neon sign in the UK, using our skilled and creative team. We use a trusted and known company that regularly deliver to the UK and then take things back to Spain; your neon sign will stay on the same van. This gives us the confidence that our delivery drivers have extensive experience in delivering items overseas.

We don’t use big courier firms as we want to feel confident that your sign will be looked after and delivered carefully, which can sometimes be difficult when drivers have hundreds of parcels and deliveries to make each day.

So, if you’re an interior designer looking for a special piece for a Spanish apartment, or you own a restaurant, bar or club in Costa del Sol, why not invest in a neon sign and add a wow-factor to the room?