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Little Mix Get Their Name in Neon Lights!

August 14, 2012 1 min read

Back in April we were sworn to secrecy when we produced a set of neon signs for Little Mix, the winners of the X Factor in 2011, but now their first single ‘Wings’ is due for release, we are able to talk about our involvement in the project.

We worked closely with a London based agency to produce 3 neon signs to their specific designs.

We manufactured 3 Neon Lights for Little Mix

The most unusual of the signs was a 1.3m high heart shaped neon sign, which needed to be free standing rather than suspended from chains, or fixed onto a wall.

The other 2 signs, which were ‘LITTLE’ and ‘MIX’ were constructed in such a way that they could either stand on the floor or stack on top of each other.

Neon signs for Little Mix

We wish the girls every success with their upcoming single release.