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Launching Our Neon Sign Making Workshop

November 24, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever wanted to have a go at making your very own neon sign? Since 2005, we’ve been creating neon signs for businesses and individuals, helping to transform offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, homes and film sets. Now we’re giving you a chance to have a go, with the introduction of our neon sign making workshop!

neon workshop

Together we have 70 years of combined experience in making neon signs, neon lights and neon art. We’ve worked with some really exciting brands over the years, and you’ve probably walked past one of our creations without realising!

Since we do everything ourselves in-house, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let you visit us and take part in a neon sign making workshop, giving you a hands-on insight into the magic. Want to know more?

Make your own neon sign

Our neon sign making workshop is a one-day, hands-on experience for two people. Perfect for a couple, friends or parent and child, this is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about what it takes to make your own neon sign. 

We offer 1-to-1 tuition from one of our experienced neon glass benders, so you can really get to grips with the process. We’ll talk you through how to work the flame and show you how to make simple bends with the glass, and we can even show you around the glass shop.

Helping you to understand the process and what goes into creating a neon sign, our workshop is a day you won’t forget! 

Choose your own design

Before you visit us, we’ll give you a brief about what design to choose for your neon sign. A simple shape or initials usually works best for your first go! When you arrive, we can get to work on making your design a reality.

Our team can finish off the neon sign for you and fit it on to a white acrylic panel. We will fit a transformer on the back, so you can take it home and hang it up proudly!

Our workshop is available for two people at a time at an introductory price of £500, with a deposit of £200 upon booking. Get in touch today if you have any questions or would like to book!