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Get Your Very Own Capcom Neon Sign

June 25, 2019 2 min read

At Neon Creations, we are now licensed to produce neon and LED lighting for Capcom. We have created a number of pieces for the popular Street Fighter and Devil May Cry games, showcasing the characters and gameplay through unique, vibrant neon signs.

Our range of Capcom neon signs includes limited edition pieces, printed LED light tiles and neon signs in eye-catching colours like red, blue, green and pink. We’re pleased to announce you now have the opportunity to own your very own Capcom neon sign by making an enquiry with us today.

So, whether your favourite character is Blanka from Street Fighter or Dante from Devil May Cry, you can have a neon sign to honour your favourite games. Perfect for your games room, study or playroom, Capcom neon signs are a great way to add a signature touch.

Devil May Cry neon signs

The first Devil May Cry video game was released in 2001; to put that into context, that’s 18 years ago. The latest in the series, Devil May Cry 5, was released in 2019, proving its longevity and popularity within the gaming world.

Following the protagonist, Dante, the games focus on his goal to avenge his mother’s murder by eliminating demons. The success of the game led to comic books, animated series and action figures; and now neon signs!

The Devil May Cry series as a whole has sold over 20 million units around the world, with games released on consoles including PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Street Fighter neon signs

Street Fighter was initially released in 1987 as an arcade game, before being developed into one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time. It is Capcom’s flagship series, with Street Fighter II credited with establishing many conventions of the one-on-one fighting genre.

Street Fighter II, originally released as an arcade game in 1991, saw the introduction of new characters, including Chun-Li and Blanka. Chun-Li was the first female fighter in any fighting game franchise; she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer. After her first appearance, she became a popular figure and appeared in all subsequent games and spinoffs.

Blanka is another very popular figure within the Street Fighter series, appearing as a feral, mutated man with green skin and orange hair in Street Fighter II. This character was very well received by critics and fans alike, and has appeared in other Street Fighter related media, including an animated film, comic book and manga series.

So, whether you were inspired by Chun-Li when she first appeared, or perhaps you’re just a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series, why not express it through a unique Capcom neon sign? Get in touch with us today to find out more!