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Biophilic Design Combined with Neon Art

March 25, 2022 2 min read

In recent years we have noticed a surge in the use of biophilic design within commercial interiors. We are regularly asked by our clients to combine this with our neon art creations. Over the last few years we have thoroughly enjoyed placing our neon signs onto a background of artificial foliage, and if we do say so ourselves - it looks great! Not only does this add another element to our neon signs, it helps to bring a piece of nature into a commercial space, which many people praise for helping boost morale and improve mental wellbeing. Below is just one of the examples we have of working with biophilic design. This piece was created for the Material Source Studio. Our team created the ‘M’ neon sign and Oasis Plants worked to put the preserved moss around the neon. We’re certainly pleased with how this turned out. 

What is Biophilic Design? 

The concept of Biophilic design is to re-introduce nature back into our lives through architectural design. For decades now buildings have been built to separate us from the natural world, literally putting walls between us. Since nature is such an important part of our lives and can contribute greatly to our wellbeing (both physically and mentally) this concept is one which looks to contribute towards our wellness, hence why many commercial buildings are now introducing biophilic design into their interiors.

Below is another example of our work using biophilic design. Working with BoohooMAN we created this neon art piece for their Manchester HQ offices to introduce some light and bright art to their commercial space. Perfect for welcoming visitors and creating a fun and vibrant work space for their team. With the incorporation of foliage, this makes for a truly breathtaking art piece. 

Introducing Biophilic Design into your space 

For introducing biophilic design into your commercial space, there are plenty of ways to do this, including taking simple steps like buying some indoor plants. Other ideas include: 

  • Allowing natural light into your space 
  • Introducing foliage and plants 
  • Creating art with natural features 
  • Encourage your teams to get outside during the day 

Create your own Neon Art using Biophilic Design 

By working with the Neon Creations team you can create your very own unique piece of neon art. Much like the examples you can see above, we can incorporate biophilic design into this by backing your neon sign onto artificial foliage. This makes for a show stopping piece of neon art and will complete the interior design of your commercial space. Get in touch with us today to speak with our expert team of neon glass benders and start the design process!