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A Brief Introduction to Neon Signs

January 25, 2010 2 min read

Neon is undoubtedly the most eye catching form of lighting or signage, and can definitely be used in the most creative ways. It is indeed a form of art, as every single neon design is hand made – starting out as a straight glass tube, and being transformed by the use of a flame, into curves, letters, logos.

The use of neon has truly stood the test of time, with the first neon sign being sold to a Paris barber in 1912. You only need to take a walk down any High Street to see that neon is still going strongly today, and it is not just used in shops, bars and restaurants, but is increasingly used for other applications, with many people buying neon signs and art for use in their homes.

People are sometimes put off using neon as they perceive it to be dangerous. However, although an electric current passes through the glass tubes to light up the gases inside, in recent years, regulations and technology mean that in the unlikely event that a neon sign did break, any power to the sign would immediately cut off, making neon safer than ever to use.

Another misconception is that all neon signs require specialist installation. Whilst this is true of external and some internal neon signs, Neon Creations specialise in the design and manufacture of portable internal neon signs that can be plugged into a normal plug socket. This also means that once a sign has been used at one venue, it can be used again and again, in different locations.

Finally, there is sometimes a perception that neon art is expensive. However, when you consider that the lifespan of a typical neon sign is around 10 years, you are actually getting good value for money.