Neon sign

It’s a well known fact that the human eye is naturally drawn to light. Therefore a neon sign is an excellent form of advertising for any business. During all stages of the neon sign making process we liaise closely with our clients to make sure that the finished product matches the original concept as closely as possible.

Neon signs

Neon signs have been around for nearly 100 years, so have truly stood the test of time. Due to the wide range of colours available, and the continuous light source that they emit, neon signs are undoubtedly the most eye catching form of signage. The life expectancy of a neon sign is typically around 20 years.

Neon light

Whether it’s for your home, office or any other location, a neon light is a great way to make the place lively and interesting. Besides being attractive, a neon light is a wonderful way to brighten up a room and you can find one that suits your room perfectly by using our custom design service.

Custom made neon signs

At Neon Creations we love turning creative ideas into truly unique custom made neon signs. Whether you provide us with a particular design, or whether we design something for you, the choice is yours. We have previously manufactured custom made neon signs for TV productions, advertising and design agencies, major record labels, events companies, theatres, and private individuals.

Neon lights

Because they are so eye-catching, neon lights are used for a wide variety of purposes and in many different places. As well as being a common feature in shop windows, bars and restaurants, neon lights are also popular with private individuals for use in games rooms, home bars, as art pieces, or for novel gifts. The possibilities are endless – imagination is the only limitation.

Bespoke neon signs

If you are looking for bespoke neon signs, we can manufacture to your specifications. All that we require are details such as preferred colour, overall size, type of lettering, and any specific logo if applicable. We offer our bespoke neon signs at reasonable rates and can assure you of an end product of high quality, which matches your specification as closely as possible.