Neon Safety Guide

Neon Safety Guide

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Whether you’re a current or prospective neon sign owner, you should be confident in the knowledge that you are buying a safe product from a reputable manufacturer. That’s why we’ve created a Neon Safety Guide & Infographic and offer it FREE, to everyone! We want to educate our audience on neon sign safety; from specific components to assembly in your business or home, including any potential fire and electrical safety considerations.

As our audience, we want you to love your neon signs just as much we love making them, but above all, we simply want everyone to…

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Neon Safety Infographic

In general, well-made neon signs are considered to be safe to use and adored time and time again. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about poorly manufactured signs, though, and these are the ones that could pose potential electrical and fire hazards.

At Neon Creations, we believe that raising awareness of, not only neon sign safety, but electrical and fire safety is critical to preventing hazards having potential consequences. That’s why we have also developed a Neon Safety Infographic to accompany our Neon Safety Guide, which is also absolutely FREE!

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FREE Neon Safety Infographic!

Neon Safety Infographic