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Custom Made Neon

Our custom made neon signs and lights can be produced for many different end uses, both commercial and domestic.

Most of our custom made neon signs are supplied ready to hang either from chain, or directly on the wall, and they simply plug in to a mains plug socket. They are either fully encased in an acrylic box, or mounted onto an acrylic panel. Some neon signs do require specialist installation. This is something we can advise on when you contact us with your specification.

We are happy to work with you on your own specific design or logo, or we can design something for you if you give us a brief outline of what you are looking for.

Our range of vinyls can add depth to your neon sign. These are available in plain colours, metallic finishes, and holographic effects.

If you are looking to make your neon sign stand out even more, a simple but effective way to enhance the overall look of your neon sign is by adding an acrylic frame around the outside. We have a wide range of colours and finishes of acrylic available.

As our custom made neon signs are manufactured exactly to your size and specification, we don’t have a standard price list. As a guideline prices start from around ¬£300 (ex VAT and delivery), but please note that our prices are worked out according to overall size, font used, and colour, so this would be for a sign with approx 3 to 4 small letters.

Please¬†contact us for a quote, and don’t hesitate to take a look in Our Gallery at some of the custom made signs that we have previously produced.

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